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Whom are among the elite who have a signed first edition copy of The Male Thing Explained in their libraries? None other than Bill Clinton, Anthropologist Jane Goodall, Reverend Robert Schuler Sr., Actor Tom Selleck, and in the near future, possibly you.

What are people saying about

The Male Thing Explained?

Excerpts from recent reviews of The Male Thing Explained:

Wow! Wow again! Fasten your seatbelts. . . . Naked and fearless, The Male Thing Explained is sure to provoke heated debate. In sharing his unique life experience, I believe Goldstein has done a service to every male and female out there. Beyond doubt, this "male thing" is destined to find its way to the big screen. . . . Joel Eisenberg, author of Aunt Bessie's How to Survive a Day Job While Pursuing the Creative Life.

Robert Dilenschneider (Founder of the internationally known PR firm: Dilenschneider Group and author of numerous books) states: "The Male Thing Explained is an impressive book. . . . Of particular interest was the chapter entitled "The Tin Man's Cardiac Arrest."

And what does Playboy Magazine Centerfold, Joey Gibson have to say about The Male Thing Explained? This book is sexy, funny, brilliant and informative—a real page turner. . . . I'm recommending it to all my Playboy centerfold sisters. Joey Gibson

Email from orthopedic surgeon: I enjoyed the book immensely and had some laughs that almost knocked me off my chair. Your description and character development are superb and left me with little to be imagined. You have the gift of the keen observer and you relate the human condition magnificently. . . . Again, the book has land mark qualities for exposing human frailties told with rich and exquisite humor. Al Harris, MD.

Thumbs up on your book - I gave it 5 stars!!! I enjoyed every chapter. . . . It was entertaining, humorous and enlightening. I couldn't put it down. . . . I'm very proud of you for having gone through everything you did and gleaning all the enlightenment that was to be had from those experiences. You have to be a brave and strong soul to do that….not caving in or checking out. And then best of all, you recorded the wisdom gleaned for the benefit of others. You made it to the top of the mountain and then descended like Moses to share the wisdom gained with the rest of the world that you so dearly love. So me thinks you attained the highest goal of life. . . . I admire and respect you deeply,

“Hooray, finally an honest man who tells it like it is.”

“One of the funniest most thought provoking books to come out in decades—a Baby Boomer’s trip down memory lane.”

“The Male Thing Explained should be read by every woman in America . . . and discussed with every man.”

“If sex sells, The Male Thing Explained is destined to shoot to the top of the Best Seller List.”

“Lies, lies, lies . . . The Male Thing Explained has taught me not to listen to them anymore.”

“With so many twists and turns, The Male Thing Explained was like reading a mystery novel. You really don’t know the truth
of what’s going on until the last chapter.“

“Ten years of therapy was a drop in the bucket, compared to what I’ve learned about myself from reading The Male Thing Explained.”

“Forget Portnoy or Holden; Edward Goldstein, alias Freddy Greenbush, is the new spokesman for the Baby Boomer Generation.”

“You may love Freddy or hate Freddy, but you probably wouldn’t want to ‘shake his hand.’”

“There is healing energy on every page . . . my life has been transformed.”

“After decades of shame and guilt, I’ve given my ‘inner child’ up for adoption and now reclaim the innocence and joy I deserve.”

“I tried Freddy’s original recipe for clam tacos . . . they’re scrumptious.”

“My husband and I are sharing more of our feelings . . . and our love life is now better than it has been in twenty years.”

“Emotionally and geographically, The Male Thing Explained took me places I’ve never gone before.”

“In accepting that we’ve all done some stupid things—that everyone is nuts and no one’s ‘normal,’ I’ve learned about the power
of unconditional forgiveness.”

“I laughed till I cried and I cried till I laughed.”

“I was up three nights in a row . . . I couldn’t stop reading The Male Thing Explained.”

“I now know why my husband doesn’t ask for directions. And by the way, we no longer argue about him leaving the toilet seat up.”

“Mars and Venus can take a hike. If given a level playing field, men and women can relate.”

“Reading about the neurotic exploits of Freddy made me realize that I had better keep the boyfriend I already have.”

“The Male Thing Explained helped me to forgive my parents and myself.”

“What makes a man tick? Ask Freddy.”

“In discovering my ‘animal nature,’ I find myself laughing each time I ‘lay scent’ or hear someone making a ‘pecking order’ inspired comment.”

“The Male Thing Explained can teach you more than you ever thought possible about how men think, what we’re hiding, and why we do the things we do. . . .”

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