Table of Contents

Authorís Message
Introduction: The Male Thingís Swan Song
A Backward Foreword: Loveís Lessons Learned

PART ONE: From Outrage to Carnal Knowledge

1. Vision Quest to Oz†
2. Spawning of Oedipus
3. School Dazed
4. Pubescent Purgatory
5. High Jinxed Heartthrob
6. The Tin Manís Cardiac Arrest
7. Hormone Holocaust
8. Over the Top to Bottoms-up

PART TWO: From Truth Seeker to Independence Day

9. Finding the Trail to the Holy Grail
10. Dorm Days Dementia
11. Decent and Indecent Overexposures
12. Frat House and Other Frolics
13. Letís Get Physical
14. God Spoke, but was Anyone Listening?
15. Metaphysical Madness
16. Cutting the Cord

PART THREE: From a Homestead New . . . to Loving Who?

17. Birds, Bull, and the Walking Wounded
18. Florence Follies
19. Tripping Out
20. Whatís Love Got to Do with It?

PART FOUR: From the Mile High Club to the Outer Limits

21. European Meshuggahs
22. Bilious Byproducts
23. Carcinogenic Catatonia
24. Manuscripted Mayhem
25. Asian Escapades
26. Home for the Holiday Chazerei
27. Wedding Bell Blessings and Blues
28. The Final Lap Dance
29. Beam Me up Scotty


Darwin, Dorothy, and Destinyís Child
A Healing Gift to Self


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