As Author, Health Educator, and Physical Therapist, Edward is available for TV and radio interviews, public or corporate speaking engagements, workshops, and private consultation.

Sample topics of interest:

1. All aspects of Human Sexuality
2. Child abuse issues
3. Male and Female Behavior/Psychology
4. Relationship strategies: dating, family, workplace issues
5. The impact of our “animal” nature on Human behavior
6. How to Survive in a “Wolf Pack” Environment
7. Overcoming guilt, shame, grief, anger and issues of betrayal
8. Practical and Esoteric Aspects of Healing the Mind, Body, Spirit, and
Finances (I’m scheduled to give a lecture with this title, on October 9,
2005 in Pasadena. (email AskEdward@MaleThingExplained for RSVP details)
9. Controversial religious concepts about “free will vs. God’s will”
10. Issues relating to Physical Therapy: safe, effective, dietless weight
loss; recovering from Stoke and other castastrophic illnesses,
overcoming neck, back, and knee ailments—the mind/body
connection to improving physical as well as emotional health in general.

Mailing Address: LITAS-HART Publishing
Edward Lee Goldstein
PO Box 55066
Sherman Oaks, California 91413 USA.

Phone inquiries: (818) 789-5653 or (888) 222-4001

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