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<>Author, lecturer, health and holistic educator, physical therapist, intuitive, artist, and devout animal lover—Edward Lee Goldstein defines himself as both healer and mentor. In his approach to wellness, Edward draws from his diverse academic background consisting of five college degrees, including a Masters in Health Education and a Masters in Art. He brings to the table experiences from worldwide travels and an innate talent for seeing the “big picture.” While conducting his consciousness-raising healing seminars and working with clients privately or in groups, he embraces humor, the esoteric, and practical information. He believes whether there are physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial challenges to address, by eclectically integrating the left, analytical brain with the right, intuitive brain, one can heal from the inside out. Through his interactive, cognitive behavioral, anecdotal approach, he imparts the skills and knowledge, which guarantees success.

Edward feels it is important to give back to the community, which has shown him so much support. Dedicated to improving the plight that blighted humanity seems to be facing, he regularly contributes both time and money to worthwhile causes. Among other honors, he was the recipient of the Southern California Motion Picture Council’s “Bronze Halo Award.”

What sets Edward Lee Goldstein apart from the general population of “experts in the field,” is that he does not call himself a “Motivational Speaker”—motivation must come from within. Rather, he views himself as an “Inspiration Generator.” In his seminars, such as: The Battle of the Sexes Explained, The Healing Explained, Politics of Life: How to Succeed in a Wolf Pack Environment, Edward inspires others to discover the empowering, success-building, health manifesting, joy inspiring motivational skills they already possess. He affirms his latest book,The Male Thing Explained, is a catalyst for helping his audience on their healing journeys toward self-acceptance and improved relationships.

As an Author, Health Educator, and Physical Therapist, Edward is available for public or corporate speaking engagements, workshops, and private consultation.
Phone: (818) 789-5653 or (888) 222-4001.

May the answers you seek bring you the joy you deserve,

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