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Book Synopsis, The Male Thing Explained

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The Male Thing Explained: Secrets of an Orgasmic Urban Baby Boomer
proves beyond a doubt truth is stranger than fiction. In this autobiographical saga, a few days before the author’s wife dies of a terminal illness, precipitated by the newly-discovered knowledge of his spouse’s duplicity, Goldstein begins a convoluted voyage of self-discovery. Within a twenty-four hour period, as if viewing a movie, the mosaic of his life slowly unfolds.

What sets The Male Thing Explained apart from other books is that Goldstein uses his own life history, as well as, his extensive academic background, as a vehicle that dispels a multitude of myths and misconceptions about the human condition—identity, gender, sexuality, relationships, and motivation behind our behavior patterns. Combining the personal, narrative style and elements of Portnoy's Complaint and Catcher in the Rye with the anthropology of Coming of Age in Samo and the sociology of Passages, this memoir reveals the truth about everything.

Against the backdrop of the pinnacle historical and cultural events, which shaped the mores and attitudes of the Baby Boomer generation, this ofttimes humorous, sometimes tragic, occasionally ribald and politically incorrect memoir graphically documents the author’s passage into manhood. With unparalleled candor and intimacy, Goldstein explores the diverse territories of family ties, human sexuality, spiritual development, coping with catastrophic illness, and dealing with betrayal. As a result, while being entertained by the narrative, the reader inadvertently gains insightful keys to understanding the battle between the sexes and healing revelations on the inner workings of both men and women. Ultimately, one is rewarded with the gift of an expanded self-compassion and a greater tolerance of others.

Drawing from five college degrees, worldwide travels, and a lifelong quest for knowledge regarding human and animal behavior, embedded in the context of the story, Goldstein documents the child development stages a boy experiences from infancy to young adulthood. He investigates the influential aspects of relationships with parents, siblings, and peers. At times, he compares human behavior to the instinctual actions of animals. And rituals common to American society are occasionally contrasted with those in other cultures. The result is a remarkably personal story, which provides an in-depth, spherical view of the evolution of personality and sculpting of the “male ego identity.”

Author, lecturer, health and holistic educator, physical therapist, intuitive, artist, and devout animal lover—Edward Lee Goldstein defines himself as both healer and mentor. In his approach to wellness, Edward utilizes his diverse academic background including a Masters degree in Health Education and a Masters in Art. He brings to the table experiences from his extensive travels and an innate talent for seeing the “big picture.” While conducting his consciousness-raising healing seminars and working with clients privately or in groups, he embraces humor, the esoteric, and practical information. He believes whether there are physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial challenges to address, by eclectically integrating the left, analytical brain with the right, intuitive brain, one can heal from the inside out. Through his interactive, cognitive behavioral, anecdotal approach, he imparts the skills and knowledge that guarantees success.

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